What is a SIM only deal?

SIM only deal is a mobile phone plan that comes with a certain specific amount of data, minutes and texts for a monthly cost. For this deal, the user does not have to purchase a new handset as the SIM is compatible with the existing device. These plans are available as monthly rolling plans and long term contracts too. The billing amount varies depending on the amount of data, minutes and texts included in the plan.

How does a SIM card only deal work?

When choosing a SIM card only deal, you will have to choose the most suited plan. There will be a certain specific amount of data, minutes and texts assigned to you. You can choose personalized plans too such as unlimited data SIM only deals.

Network providers offer varying sizes of SIM cards; micro, macro and nano sizes, whatever is compatible with your devices.

Why choose a SIM only deal?

  • SIM only plans are ideal for the users who want to save extra charges of a new handset and keep using their own device. With such SIM only contracts, users are not tied down in lengthy contracts.
  • Best SIM only deals offer great flexibility and control as the users get to choose their most-suited and desired plan for a desired length of contract. These are affordable and cheaper than mobile phone contracts. Most companies offer cheap £5 SIM only deals for users.
  • Furthermore, these plans work on a monthly rolling basis so the user can switch and even cancel whenever he wants.
  • Last but not the least, mobile phone SIM only deals offer excellent call quality, exceptional area coverage and optimal connectivity.

What are the benefits of SIM only deals?

  • Affordability: Firstly, users have to pay just for the SIM card and not the mobile phone. There are no upfront costs. In addition, the user can choose desired plans as per their requirement and budget. There are short monthly rolling plans giving you the choice to switch if you find better options. There is a huge competition among network providers about the SIM only contracts which is why they offer competitive prices.
  • Control and flexibility: A key benefit of cheap SIM only deals that you can choose the desired plan and also the length of contract. Companies offer 30 days, a year and two years contracts. It’s your choice to switch plans or cancel anytime you want.

Save upfront cost: as you are paying for the SIM only, and not for the handset, there are usually no upfront costs and minimal in some cases.

  • Minimal or no credit check: Many companies do not require credit check for a SIM only contract, probably because they aren’t lending you a mobile along with it. Thus, it is easier for you to sign a SIM card only deal.  

Mobile phone networks you can trust!

Among the reliable and trusted mobile phone networks in the UK are EE, O2, Vodafone and Three respectively. This information will help you take better choices:

  • EE – EE is among the UK’s fastest and most used mobile network providers. With a range of SIM card only deals, some of the plans come with amazing inclusive extras including Netflix, apple music, apple arcade, BT sport etc.
  • O2 – also a leading network provider in the UK, which offers inclusive EU roaming as well. O2 offers a range of personalized SIM card only deals along with inclusive extras including Disney+, amazon prime, Apple music and many exclusive deals from shops and restaurants.
  • Vodafone –  with a decent selection of SIM-only plans and pay-as-you-go SIM deals, Vodafone offers exceptional coverage. In addition, users get access to extras such as Spotify Premium, YouTube Premium, Amazon Prime and so on.
  • Three – they offer a range of SIM only plans and pay as you go SIM plans with entertainment extras, exclusive offers and pre-sale tickets.

All of these providers offer a decent  selection of SIM only plans on 30 days, 12 month and 24 months long contracts.

Should I trust a small, less famous network?

If a network is less famous or recognized, it does not imply that their services are not reliable. Often, the small networks use one of the major networks. For instance, Xinix uses Vodafone and O2 services, making sure to provide excellent services and exponential coverage with affordable SIM only plans.

As a matter of fact, small, growing networks offer competitive prices and much cheaper SIM card only contracts.

How can I switch to another network?

Switching to another network is an easy and quick process. For this, you will have to get a porting authorization code (PAC) from your current service provider and give it to the next provider you want to switch to. In case of queries, you can always contact our customer support.  

Pros and cons of a SIM only plan!

Just in case you want more on this subject, here are some pros and cons of SIM card only deals to help you take the decision:


  • Cost effective – since you are paying only for a SIM card, for a monthly allowance of data, minutes and texts. Also you can keep using your existing phone and there are no or minimal upfront costs.
  • Flexibility and control – you do not have to sign a lengthy contract. You are in charge when it comes to choosing the desired plan and the length of contract as well.
  • Exceptional services and wider area coverage with reliable network


  • You need to have your device to be able  to avail these best SIM only deals
  • If you have to purchase a new handset outright, it will be costly
  • You may need to pay for warranty if your phone is of old model

What are the available options for SIM only deals?

The term “SIM only” means you will SIMply get a SIM card with an assigned limit of data, minutes and texts and you will pay for the monthly subscription. There are a few options available:

  • For the cheap SIM only deals, you can save a lot as you will just pay for a selected plan of data, minutes and texts.
  • Pay As You Go SIM (PAYG), is another option in which you don’t need a credit check or signing up a contract. In this plan, you top up your SIM with credit and pay for every minute, text and amount of data used.
  • Then comes data only SIMs. unlimited data SIM only deals are ideal choices for those who specifically need more data than minutes and texts.

In any of the above mentioned plans, the contract length varies. Usually the contract is signed for 30 days, 12 months or 24 months, as you want.

How much should I pay for a SIM only deal?

This mainly depends on your desired and selected plans and what your network provider is offering.

You may find cheapest SIM only deals as much as £5 SIM only deals for basic plans. Xinix offers basic SIM card only deals starting from just £ 12.00 per month. You may avail unlimited data, minutes and texts for £ 25.00 per month.

However, it’s up to you to choose a plan that will be sufficient for your usage. For instance, if you are a heavy internet user, you should consider unlimited data SIM only deals. Otherwise a basic plan with limited data, minutes and texts is sufficient for many users. You can always switch or upgrade your plan whenever you want.

What contract lengths are available?

We offer different contract lengths for user’s convenience. Our SIM card contracts are for 30 days, 12 months and 24 months. A long-term contract is cheaper. However, a monthly plan is what we recommend for new users. This offers more flexibility and you can decide if you want to switch plans and commit to a long-term contract.

How much data do I need?

It entirely depends on your usage. If you use your phone to check your emails occasionally or sometimes browse the internet, a basic plan is sufficient for you. It usually offers 4-5 GB data.

On the other hand, data only SIM is good for data guzzlers. You may also choose unlimited data SIM only deals to be able to enjoy unlimited music, podcast, videos, social media and so on.

Are there any special offers or inclusive extras with mobile SIM only deals?

Of course, there are extras and special free gifts with these plans. Some of the leading mobile networks offer priority gig tickets, free gifts, special discounts on shops, restaurants and other exclusive extras.

Can I get a 5G SIM only plan?

You can choose a 5G SIM at no extra charge. However, you will have to ensure that 5G is available in your area and your handset is compatible with this SIM. If yes, you are good to go and enjoy fast 5G streaming.

Where is 5G available in the UK?

5G technology is available in many major areas of the UK. All the major network providers in the UK offer exceptional coverage. However, you can also check if 5G is available in your area or not. Also make sure your handset is compatible with 5G technology.

What are different SIM sizes?

in order to ensure that SIM card is compatible with your existing device, we offer different SIM sizes:

  1. Standard SIM card (15mm x 25mm)
  2. Micro SIM card (12mm x 15mm)
  3. Nano SIM card (8.8m x 12.3mm)

Most of the latest handsets use nano sized SIM cards. For user’s convenience, we will send a three-in-one SIM card so you can choose what fits well in your mobile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SIM only deal work?

A SIM card only deal has a certain limit of data, minutes and texts assigned to the users for a monthly rolling plan. The user can choose the desired plan and length of contract as well.

  • How do I switch to a SIM only plan?

You should wait till the end of the contract if you are currently on a deal with another network provider. It will save cancellation fees. And once your contract ends, you can easily sign up for a new contract with another service provider. Also, you might need to get your handset unlocked.

  • How will I know if my phone is locked and how can I unlock it?

When you insert a SIM card from a different provider, and you are unable to make a call, it means your phone is locked. You can also check it in your device setting. In order to unlock your phone, you will have to contact your service provider and follow their instructions. Also, you will need an IMEI number for this.

  • Can I keep using my current phone number with a SIM card only deal?

You can keep using your current phone number. However, you will require a porting authorization code from your provider, for switching to SIM only plan, that too within 30 days.

  • What is PAC code and from where can I get this?

Porting authorization code (PAC) is assigned by a network provider to the user when switching networks. This code is required to switch to another network for a SIM deal contract.

  • Can I get a SIM-only deal for a tablet?

A data only SIM is ideal to be used in a tablet. There are unlimited data SIM only deals too. make sure your tablet is compatible and what size of SIM will work with it.

  • What do I do with my old SIM card?

A SIM card contains a lot of personal information and contacts. If you do not need your old SIM card anymore, you should destroy it to keep the data safe. Cut it in half and recycle.

  • Are there any credit check requirements for a SIM only deal?

Many service providers do not ask for a credit check as the contract is for just the SIM card not the handset. However, if there is any, it will be minimal and easy compared to other handset contract deals.

  • How to estimate my monthly data requirement?

It depends on your usage. You can also check data usage in mobile settings. If you use data just to check emails, a basic plan will be sufficient for you. However, you will need to sign up for bigger plans if you are a heavy data user and you need it for music, live stream, games and social media apps. In the latter case, you should consider choosing unlimited data SIM only deals.

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